Premium Irrigator

This multi-function irrigator has been specially designed to meet your daily oral and nasal hygiene needs. Use it as an effective oral and nasal health device for the whole family as a supplement to daily brushing.

Dental Irrigator

Pro-HC Flosser is the right choice for your dental cleansing routine. The classic jets included in the pack will help you to remove all food debris from the dental gaps and ensure an effective anti-bacterian treatment.

Basic Irrigator

Pro-HC Basic irrigator can be a first approach to irrigation hygiene system. It’s the product you should get if you will use this mouth cleansing system just 2 or 3 times a week

Irrigator Benefits

Oral irrigation is a proven home care technique that is designed to help prevent plaque build-up and to fight gingivitis in its early stage. Studies have shown using premium oral irrigators daily, such as the Pro-HC® oral irrigator, can help to reduce gingivitis and bacteria significantly over time.

  • Fight common oral diseases. Fight periodontal diseases and bacteria thanks to the pulsating water jet.
  • Floss Hard-to-Reach Areas. Helps you to easily cleans your bridgework, crowns, braces and implants.
  • Remove Plaque and Reduce Gingivitis. Effective to remove plaque and to control gingival bleeding.
  • Remove Bad Breath. Tongue Cleaner jet tip removes tongue bacteria and provides a fresh breath effect.
  • Sparkling Teeth and Gums. Keeps healthy teeth and gums.
  • Safe for Everyone. Safe on patients with diabetes and orthodontic appliances.

Complementarily, Nasal irrigation and moisturizing treatment applied on a daily basis to clear your sinuses, is highly beneficial in reducing allergies, sinusitis, post nasal drip, snoring caused by nasal congestions, smog, smoke or chemical exposure, and dry inflamed membranes.


You are fully covered by our 2 year warranty. If you have any technicall issue contact us to manage the repairement or substitution

Michael Wright

I’ve used this kind of products since I was a student. I could say I’ve seen the evolution of the irrigators in the last 20 years and definitely this is one of the best I’ve tried. Easy to use, with great reservoir capacity, all the tips that you could need and some of them repeated for sharing the device with your family. Professional results at home …and at a very low price! I couldn’t find significative differences between Pro-HC and other classic brands. I definitely would recommend it.

Frank Ashmore

The doctor recommended me to use an oral irrigator in order to improve my oral health. I ordered this one due to the low price in comparison with other products with similar features and I must say I made the right choice. It’s really powerful and comes with lots of different jet tips that helps you to do a complete mouth cleansing. No food debris, no plaque… just fresh breath and a great sensation!

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